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New York City - Winter - Central Park in the Snow

This is the always iconic Bow Bridge in Central Park, New York City. This is an alternate edit of one of my most popular photos (ever).

It never even occurred to me that I had never shared this photo online on my New York City photography blog until this past week when it was tweeted by a very, very popular Twitter account: Earth Pics (with over 1 million Twitter followers). I have been hyper-focused on my Twitter lately and have been having an awesome time getting into the various discussions that occur on there revolving around NYC and travel, two subjects I am passionate about.

A Twitter follower of mine notified me that she noticed that a photo of mine had been shared without any credit and linked to the tweet. I scratched my head for a good 5 minutes or so trying to figure out how this popular twitter account even came across this particular edit when I noticed the unmistakable Stocksy watermark all over their share of my photo! You see, some of my photos belong to a rather exclusive (and gorgeous) stock collection over at Stocksy. It appears that whoever shared it went to my profile and yanked the photo directly from there to share it. The tweet got well over 2,000 re-tweets and 3,000+ favorites which is no small feat but I was really bummed that I wasn’t credited at all especially since my Stocksy profile actually shows all of my social media links including my Twitter!

In any case, I e-mailed them and they removed the tweet, apologized and asked me to re-submit to their site in the future and they would gladly tweet with proper credit.

So here I am officially sharing this photo that seems to have ended up in quite a few places already (it appears people on We Heart It and Pinterest also had a field day passing it around without credit at some point…). Ah, the internet!


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Beautiful #photograph

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